Methylisothiazolinone and the personal care products in your home

I always thought I was careful about the products my family used. Usually I read every label, but with teenagers in the house, sometimes shampoos and other cosmetics sneak their way in without my knowledge! Recently I have read several articles about a chemical flagged by many dermatologists as the cause of skin problems.

According to articles in the Guardian, the Daily Mail and Natural News, methylisothiazolinone, or MI, has led to a massive increase in eczema and other skin allergies in recent years, and doctors are calling on regulators to ban the chemical. I went through our cupboards and sure enough, I found a few cosmetics with MI in them. They can be found in just about any product including sunscreen, shaving cream and shampoo, among others. It really pays to read every label carefully and warn other family members about this chemical.

For more information on MI, check out:  _toxic_chemicals_personal_care_products.html

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Enjoy the sunshine!