Happy, Healthy Family Workshop

Are you struggling to make healthy meals that your children will eat? Are you always worried that they are not getting enough of the right foods, what the right foods even are, how much they need at different ages, etc. etc.? With the daily media onslaught of does and don’t for parents – telling us what we need to do and changing those rules regularly, how can any parent feel confident that their children will grow into healthy, happy adults?

With nearly 18 years of experience – yes, unbelievably my first child has almost made it to adulthood, I can help you figure out the simplest way to make sure that your children are getting all they need without consulting medical textbooks, counting calories, grams of sugar, etc.

My workshops are tailored to small groups of parents and children. We will work through food issues, talk about and taste a variety of fruits and vegetables and discuss how best to prepare food for the entire family to enjoy. The goal is to get your children involved in the preparation and enjoyment of food from an early age so that meals can be a joyful time, not one fraught with stress – we have enough of that in our lives!

I will provide you with ideas and recipes for easy to prepare meals, a healthy snack for us to enjoy together, a copy of the book and activity pack Eat a Rainbow Every Day, by Sharyn Singer and, for those who wish to try the Riverford box scheme, a complimentary Riverford Farm Cook Book by Guy Watson and Jane Baxter.

For more information, please contact me directly. I am happy to create a workshop to suit your individual needs.