A Healthy Packed Lunch Idea

I don't know about you, but I do struggle to make packed lunches interesting and healthy, too. I've been trying different fillings for rice wraps and this was our successful experiment this weekend - just in time for school to start back today. As always, I love to get your recipes, so please do email ideas to me!

Quick and Easy Rice Wraps:

Spring Roll Wrappers (16 cm in diameter)

For the filling - these are just ideas, you can really use anything!

Fine Rice noodles - prepare according to packet instructions

Cooked prawns/leftover chicken

Cashew nuts, roughly chopped

Cucumber - chopped into small pieces

Avocado - chopped into small pieces

Coriander - chopped

Toasted Sesame Oil

Mix all of the above - you might want to chop the noodles up a bit for ease

Immerse the wrappers in warm water (or according to packet instructions) for a few seconds and place on a tea towel to soften. Place on a board and spoon about 2 tablespoons of the filling along the centre. Fold in the opposing side of the wrapper and then one of the remaining sides to cover the filling by about a third. Continue to roll the wrapper so the filling is enclosed.

The wraps can be served immediately or chilled until needed. Serve with chili dipping sauce.