Back to School and New Beginnings

The new school year is always an exciting time for me. Even more than the New Year, it feels like a time of change and new adventures. What will the new year bring? Perhaps your child is starting school for the first time or you are sending an older one off to Uni. How does that affect you?

I know I am full of energy now that my youngest is back in school. The summers can be long and strenuous - especially for mums and dads. We love our children, of course, but I am a routine person and welcome time for myself and my own creativity. One slips so easily into the role of parent and caretaker, too, as our parents get older. Where does that leave us?

Today I started my day with yoga and I am planning many new adventures for myself for the last third of 2019! I look forward to spending time in my garden and taking care of myself again. What will you do just for yourself? Consider treating yourself to a massage, a new class or a session with your nutritional therapist! I look forward to hearing how you will honour all your hard work this summer. Namaste