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Condition: Cancer of the tongue

"I credit your advice in helping me to get where I am. I've been taking the supplements you recommended, avoiding processed sugar and wheat, and bringing in many of the whole and otherwise healthy foods you suggested (many of which I had consumed before, but with my cancer treatment side effects had been unable to eat for so long). Thank you so much for your help, Claudine. I haven't entirely digested the "lessons" from having cancer, but the one thing I have definitely learned is that you can't get through it alone and you need to ask for and accept help!" - AP, Seattle, Washington

Condition: Type II Diabetes

“My mum had her check up today and her sugar levels have gone from 54 to 45. She is delighted and wanted to say a huge thank you to you, she is over the moon!!” and this after only about 6 weeks on a healthier diet. - SW, Cheltenham

Condition: IBS and ulcerative colitis

“Now that I’ve got my diet under control, I know what I can eat and what aggravates my symptoms. After years of suffering from ulcerative colitis and IBD requiring surgery, etc., I finally feel so much better. Thanks to you 😀” – TB, Witney

Condition: Improvement in hormone imbalance

“My cycle seems to have been a totally normal cycle last month, the first I have had in 2 years! I cannot believe the change. Thank you so much for your recommendations. I know it's still early days, but the short term results are proving very positive.” - GB, Wallingford

Condition: Acid Reflux

"After suffering with acid reflux for a long period of time and struggling with what i should and shouldn't be eating I decided to seek out a nutritionist. I am so glad I found Claudine! The consultation, report and advice was really in depth and so helpful. Since changing my diet & taking daily supplements my reflux symptoms have greatly lessened and I am feeling much better than I have been! Claudine is so easy to talk to and always on the other end of an email to check in & ask advice to! Thanks Claudine!" - KP, Abingdon

Condition: Exhaustion and fatigue

“As my GP could not help with my symptoms of extreme fatigue and exhaustion, I consulted Claudine. Within just a few weeks I now have the energy to exercise more regularly and am motivated to make yet more changes to my diet and nutrition. A few tweaks to my diet and some supplements have made all the difference! Thank you for helping me get my life back.” - RS, Purely

Condition: Cancer

"Claudine has been an inspired source of nutritional advice and encouragement to help me in my battle against cancer.
The diet and vitamin supplement regime, that she prepared for me, has certainly helped my body and immune system to recover from 6 months of chemotherapy." - RK, Thatcham

Condition: Cancer

"Hope you don't mind but I felt that I should give you an update on my situation. I am doing very well! The tumour on my liver is now considered to be more cyst like and all lung modules are stable. I have tolerated my treatment incredibly well with the only side effects being my thyroid slowing and the white hair, nothing major when you consider the treatment. I believe a lot of this is to do with the way I eat, for which I can thank you for heaps of guidance and advice. I don't know if I told you but I now work full time and have also been promoted to head of my department. All quite an achievement given my initial prognosis." - JK, Reading

Condition: IBS

"Claudine has been a huge help to me in understanding how the different foods that I eat affect my body in various ways. Not only did I lose weight while working with her, but I was able to identify which foods irritated my stomach and to change to a diet which made me feel healthier and less bloated. I really appreciated the encouragement and advice she provided through our telephone consultations."                    - AM, Swindon

Condition: Weight and bloating

“I’ve lost 5 kilos in 1 week and feel a lot less bloated. My stomach is shrinking and I am finally able to wear my normal clothes again!”              - GL, Marcham

Condition: Food intolerance and digestive upset

"At 86 years old, since I started consulting my Nutritionist, I 'KNOW' my golf has improved, as I have less aches and pains and feel so well now".  - EM, Cholsey

Condition: Food Intolerance and Bloating

"Claudine is a genius! She helped me work out that I have an intolerance to dairy and a slight intolerance to wheat, after suffering for ages from symptoms I had no idea were caused by food. I’m really enjoying my soya products now and don’t miss dairy at all. Thanks Claudine!"   - RL, Abingdon

Condition: Childhood eczema

"Also great news re C. (3 years old), we tried him on the diet for about a week and his skin (eczema on arms) miraculously cleared up! I didn't actually think it would work! Thank you!" - CL, Tubney

Condition: Hormone imbalance and migraines

"Claudine has helped me to change my life! I had been suffering terribly with my hormones after stopping breastfeeding my only daughter and also having horrendous migraines almost throughout the whole month!  After even two weeks I felt tremendously better in myself and my migraines have almost ceased to exist!  I am a different woman, so thank you Claudine!” - EH, Rowstock

Condition: Digestive issues/IBS

"Claudine has helped me enormously to try to sort out my gut problems and we have made much progress so far. Her extensive knowledge and her very sympathetic but objective guidance have been invaluable. Claudine's continuing support, via e mail now, is much appreciated and she always responds promptly to my queries re foods, diet, supplements, etc. Thank you Claudine!" - JP, Didcot

Condition: Weight loss

“Thank you for all your help! I have dropped a few kilos in just a few weeks and have no more clothes that fit!” - CH, Didcot

Condition: Weight loss, hormone imbalance and food intolerance

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for pointing me in the right direction for healthy living and eating. It was my last resort and if it didn’t work I was going to give up. I am SOOOOO pleased I found you. You are a GENIUS!!

As you know I have worked extremely hard at this in the last two months and my body is thanking me for it. So I will not be giving up and I will be sticking to this way of eating probably for the rest of my life because I love it and I don’t suffer anymore pains, discomforts and mood swings. I shall recommend you to all my friends and tell them they are idiots if they don’t come and see you!" - VB, Frilford

Condition: Weight loss

"Claudine, it’s impossible for me to put this into words that convey gratitude but from the bottom of my heart - thank you so much for everything! You’ve managed to do in 1 session what I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to figure out.

Over the years I tried everything from not eating to eating grilled chicken + brown rice for 3 meals per day while cycling 50km per day, interval training, running, rowing, biking, weight training, martial arts… every kind of training routine, diet, pill or potion you could think of, all without success.

I always just figured I wasn’t strict enough or ate too much or didn’t exercise enough.

My weight has never been a niggling issue at the back of my mind; it’s something I’ve obsessed over for more than the last 10 years. I really can’t believe that after 10 years I’m finally getting back on track to being able to lead a normal life without this constant weight obsession hanging over me and look the way I’ve always wanted to.

Again, thank you so much Claudine, I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me." - TG, Abingdon

Condition: Cooking with dietary restrictions

“I can’t taste the difference in this way of cooking. We are not going to suffer eating foods like this.  My husband can ONLY benefit too."            - VB, Frilford

 Condition: Breast cancer

 "I have been feeling super-well since I saw you, very energetic and positively happy!" - TR, Abingdon

Condition: Childhood eczema

"Claudine gave us the information about all kinds of things which would help to bring my daughter´s persistent eczema under control. The cream she supplied and the dietary advice alone have already made a huge difference. I feel that finally we may be saying goodbye to the eczema which has dogged my daughter for the past 7 years." - RG, Oxford

Condition: Food intolerance and weight loss

"The nutritional advice, as well as support with other issues uch as exercise and food intolerances that Claudine gave me, were of huge benefit to me when I was trying to improve my general health as well as lose some weight.

Claudine has a fantastic approach as she is positive, encouraging and realistic. I knew that I could be completely honest with her; she wasn't judging me in anyway, but just genuinely interested and concerned as to how I was managing to follow her advice and plan that she'd given me.

I have tried to follow several nutritional advice programmes before, but with little success. It just felt so much easier doing it with Claudine due to her knowledge, encouragement and input. I would highly recommend Claudine to anyone who is looking for a nutritional therapist."   -LC, Wallingford

Condition: Insomnia, abdominal pain and itchy skin

"I saw Claudine as I had been suffering from poor sleep, abdominal pain and itchy skin. With a very carefully structured questionnaire and in depth consultation, Claudine came up with a detox plan together with a number of supplements. Her very accurate follow up calls and mails helped me to stay on track. After a few weeks my general well being improved and I now have a much better understanding of the foods I should avoid. It was not only Claudine’s expertise but very much her calm personality that made a big different to the experience."                   - SP, Sutton Courtenay

Condition: Sinus problems and allergies, hormonal and digestive issues

"I saw Claudine because I had problems with my digestion, sinuses and allergies and hormonal issues which had worsened over the past few years. After filling out a detailed questionnaire, Claudine was able to advise me on what may be causing these issues and what to cut from my diet.  Doing this, along with the supplements that she recommended, has made a remarkable difference to my overall wellbeing and, along with a healthier diet, I feel better than I have done in a long time.   I haven't been picking up the usual bugs I had before either!   I have found Claudine to be really helpful in her knowledge particularly with the supplements (for the children as well) and very encouraging while on the exclusion diet to keep me on the straight and narrow!  If you are looking for someone to improve your overall health and give you the encouragement you need to achieve it, I would strongly recommend using Claudine!"  - CB, Didcot

Condition: Reiki for Well-Being

 “My Reiki sessions have become an important part of my life and are absolutely fantastic! It leaves me feeling deeply calm and with a wonderful sense of well being. I feel I am floating on a cloud!”   -  MJM, Abingdon